טביעת המעבורת – וויאן ספייסר

Breathing in and Breathing out: Expressive Arts in Psycho-Social Support Training in Korea
This article will describe an expressive therapy psychosocial training approach used in august 2014 with groups of clinicians, clergy and community workers in Korea following the sinking of the Sewol ferry in April 2014. The co-facilitators are expressive arts therapists who live in Israel and the USA respectively and the expressive arts modalities used in this programme included dance and movement, storytelling, enactment, music and visual arts. The training programme drew upon the facilitators backgrounds in working with trauma and ritual in expressive therapy practice and was developed as a support to caregivers in the development of resilience and protective.factors to combat feelings of isolation and compassion fatigue.

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Robert J. Landy Drama Therapist Avi Hadari Intreview philip spaiser טביעת המעבורת – וויאן ספייסר

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