ראיון עם פיליפ ספייסר

Arts and Social Change: The Lesley University Experience in Israel
Edited by Samuel Swartz, Vivien Marcow Speiser, Phillip Speiser,
Mitchell Kossak 2012 Netanya Israel
Chapter 11, pg 150-159 – An Interview with Avi Hadari
Conducted by Phillip Speiser

Avi Hadari is a senior lecturer in the Expressive Therapies and Creative Arts and
Learning programs at the Lesley University Israel extension. He is a leader in the field of drama
therapy and narrative/storytelling therapy. He has led, supervised and inspired numerous
creative arts-based programs that have effected social action/change in Israel. In this interview,
Avi weaves a story that connects his own personal origins with the origins of the founding of the
State of Israel and the importance that the arts and social activism have on all individuals in

Read the full interview (PDF)

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